Cecilia Landa-Avila

Loughborough, UK
I am a PhD Researcher at Loughborough University (Design School). My interest is on integrating systems thinking and social innovation in healthcare design. My doctoral research is focused on the interactions of outcomes and values of healthcare to drive participatory system development. As part of this research, I am developing systems thinking/mapping methods that help different stakeholders to discuss, negotiate and communicate their complex needs. I have also collaborated on ‘Powering Productivity’, an ESRC funded project that maps the links between energy, wellbeing and productivity (https://www.cusp.ac.uk/themes/powering-productivity/). I have experience in experience design research for government-funded healthcare projects, such as TN Active Care (Mexico-Canada). I have worked in the industry developing e-health platforms and services for the Mexican government. Before starting my PhD in Loughborough, I was a full-time Assistant Professor in Universidad Panamericana.