Cecilia Landa-Avila


  • Influence of Web Usability as Stimulus to Generate Positive Emotions
  • Relationship between elements of the usability and emotions reported after use: A Mexican case
  • Effect of Subjective Evaluation Factors on the Buying Decision of Residential Furniture
  • Engagement in a virtual reality game with gesture hand interface. An empirical evaluation of user engagement scale (UES)
  • Design requirements to enhance the postural control in patients with severe spastic quadriplegia
  • Experiences in the Development and Implementation of an Academic Master Degree in Ergonomics in Mexico
  • Inclusive Human-Centered Design: Experiences and Challenges to Teaching Design Engineering Students
  • A holistic outcome-based approach to co-create healthcare systems.
  • Multiple outcome interactions in healthcare systems: a participatory outcome mapping approach
  • Ergonomía en los sistemas de salud de América Latina: Revisión sistemática de la situación actual, necesidades y desafíos futuros
  • Why “one size fits all” is not enough when designing COVID-19 immunity certificates for domestic use: a UK wide cross-sectional online survey
  • Individual factors influencing public’s perceptions about the importance of COVID-19 immunity certificates: a cross-sectional online questionnaire survey in the UK
  • Using the Health Belief Model to design a questionnaire aimed at measuring people’s perceptions regarding COVID-19 immunity certificates
  • Why ‘one size fits all’ is not enough when designing COVID-19 immunity certificates for domestic use: a UK-wide cross-sectional online survey
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Reflections on obtaining a PhD in Healthcare Systems Design amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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