Cristian Nitoiu


  • The Narrative Construction of the European Union in External Relations
  • Reconceptualizing 'Cooperation' in EU-Russia Relations
  • Supporting the EU’s Approach to Climate Change: The Discourse of the Transnational Media Within the ‘Brussels Bubble’
  • Introduction
  • British press attitudes towards the EU's global presence: From the Russian-Georgian War to the 2009 Copenhagen Summit
  • Russia's Foreign Policy Towards North Africa in the Wake of the Arab Spring
  • The european public sphere: Myth, reality or aspiration?
  • Towards conflict or cooperation? The Ukraine crisis and EU-Russia relations
  • EU-Russia relations: Between conflict and cooperation
  • Restructuring the foreign policy of the EU: Competing narratives and discourses
  • Normative narratives of EU foreign policy in the Black Sea region
  • Europe, Discourse, and Institutions
  • Conclusions
  • Increasingly geopolitical: EU’s eastern neighbourhood in the age of multiple crises
  • Normative narratives of EU foreign policy in the Black Sea region
  • The European parliament as an actor in its own right in the EU's neighbourhood
  • Increasingly geopolitical? The EU’s approach towards the post-soviet space
  • Change and continuity in Bulgaria and Romania’s foreign policies post-EU accession
  • The European Union’s ‘Ideal Self’ in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Introduction: The Rise of Geopolitics in the EU’s Approach in its Eastern Neighbourhood
  • Introduction: strategy in EU foreign policy
  • Introduction
  • Resilience and the world order: the EU and the RIC states
  • The Influence of External Actors on Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Still entrenched in the conflict/cooperation dichotomy? EU–Russia relations and the Ukraine crisis
  • The United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • The European Parliament's Diplomacy – a Tool for Projecting EU Power in Times of Crisis? The Case of the Cox–Kwasniewski Mission
  • Aspirations to Great Power Status: Russia’s Path to Assertiveness in the International Arena under Putin
  • Framing the EU’s policy towards the neighbourhood: the strategic approach of the Seventh European Parliament (2009–2014)*
  • European and Eurasian integration: competition and cooperation in the post-Soviet space
  • One decade onwards: assessing the impact of European Union membership on Bulgaria and Romania
  • Hybrid geopolitics in EU-Russia relations: understanding the persistence of conflict and cooperation

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