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  • Catastrophic impact of extreme flood events on the morphology and evolution of the lower Jökulsá á Fjöllum (northeast Iceland) during the Holocene
  • Erosion during extreme flood events dominates holocene canyon evolution in northeast iceland
  • River self-organisation inhibits discharge control on waterfall migration
  • Supercritical river terraces generated by hydraulic and geomorphic interactions
  • Beyond equilibrium: Re-evaluating physical modelling of fluvial systems to represent climate changes
  • Statistical modelling of co-seismic knickpoint formation and river response to fault slip
  • Knickpoints in Martian channels indicate past ocean levels
  • Fluvial evacuation of landslide material from bedrock-confined channels under controlled experimental conditions
  • Sediment flux‐driven channel geometry adjustment of bedrock and mixed gravel–bedrock rivers
  • Morphodynamic research challenges for braided river environments: Lessons from the iconic case of New Zealand
  • Dynamic bedrock channel width during knickpoint retreat enhances undercutting of coupled hillslopes
  • Hydraulic Geometry of ‘Equilibrium’ Channels: From Theory to Application at the National Scale
  • Extreme Flood Sediment Production and Export Controlled by Reach‐Scale Morphology
  • Shedding off-the-grid: The role of garment manufacturing and textile care in global microfibre pollution

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