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Josh Milburn


  • Book Review: Joachim Wündisch, Towards a Right-Libertarian Welfare State
  • Nozick's libertarian critique of Regan
  • In Defence of Backyard Chickens
  • Rabbits, stoats and the predator problem: Why a strong animal rights position need not call for human intervention to protect prey from predators
  • Not only humans eat meat: Companions, sentience, and vegan politics
  • Protection for the sentient in the nonideal world: A review of Robert Garner's A Theory of Justice for Animals
  • The demandingness of Nozick's 'Lockean' proviso
  • Book Review: Marcel Wissenburg and David Schlosberg (eds), Political Animals and Animal Politics
  • Death-Free Dairy? The Ethics of Clean Milk
  • Animal Rights and Food: Beyond Regan, Beyond Vegan
  • Pet Food: Ethical Issues
  • Nonhuman animals and sovereignty
  • The animal lovers' paradox? On the ethics of 'pet food'
  • Nonhuman animals as property holders: An exploration of the Lockean labour-mixing account
  • Robert Nozick on nonhuman animals: Rights, value and the meaning of life
  • Should We Protect Animals from Hate Speech?
  • New Omnivorism: a Novel Approach to Food and Animal Ethics
  • Sentientist politics gone wild
  • Zero-compromise veganism
  • The Freegan Challenge to Veganism
  • Critical terms for animal studies
  • The Philosophical Essay
  • Anne Barnhill and Matteo Bonotti: Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy: A Public Reason Approach
  • Welcoming, Wild Animals, and Obligations to Assist
  • Chewing Over In Vitro Meat: Animal Ethics, Cannibalism and Social Progress
  • John Hadley: Animal Property Rights: A Theory of Habitat Rights for Wild Animals
  • Should vegans compromise?
  • Animals and the ethics of war: a call for an inclusive just-war theory
  • Catia Faria, Animal Ethics in the Wild: Wild Animal Suffering and Intervention in Nature (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023), pp. ix + 222.
  • Freeganism
  • Relational Animal Ethics (and why it isn’t easy)

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