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Mabkhot M. Mabkhot


  • An information model to support reconfiguration of manufacturing systems
  • Exact and heuristic procedures for the two-center hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with transportation times
  • Requirements of the Smart Factory System: A Survey and Perspective
  • An ontology based multi-criteria decision support system to reconfigure manufacturing systems
  • An Ontology-Enabled Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support System for Manufacturing Process Selection
  • A Multi-Criteria Decision Framework Considering Different Levels of Decision-Maker Involvement to Reconfigure Manufacturing Systems
  • Optimized Procedure to Schedule Physicians in an Intensive Care Unit: A Case Study
  • Mapping Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies into United Nations Sustainability Development Goals
  • A Decision Support System for rapid ramp-up of industry 4.0 enabled production systems
  • An ontology for sensors knowledge management in intelligent manufacturing systems
  • A Dispatching Rules-based (DR-b) Algorithm for Single Machine Bicriterion Scheduling Problem with Two agents
  • A Knowledge Based Decision Support Approach to Reconfigure Manufacturing Assembly Systems
  • Toward a sustainable educational engineer archetype through Industry 4.0
  • Bounding Strategies for the Parallel Processors Scheduling Problem with No-Idle Time Constraint, Release Date, and Delivery Time
  • Automatic definition of engineer archetypes: A text mining approach
  • An adaptation Framework for Industry 4.0 Responsive Production Systems

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