Rowan Rimington

Research Fellow (Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases)

Loughborough University

Rowan has a first-class honours degree in Applied Sport Science and MSc in Exercise Physiology. After completing his MSc, Rowan undertook a PhD with Professor Mark Lewis, where he explored the design and additive manufacture of perfusion bioreactors to automate the generation of bioengineered skeletal muscle for academic and pharmaceutical testing. Subsequently, Rowan worked on EPSRC and EPSRC-NIHR HTC Partnership; UNIFY Plus, funded projects as a post-doctoral scientist at Loughborough University, developing engineered in vitro models of innervated skeletal muscle tissue with functional neuromuscular junctions. In July 2018, Rowan was awarded a prestigious Doctoral Prize Research Fellowship investigating patient specific stem cell models of neuromuscular disease pathologies.

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