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  • Coordinated control architecture for motion management in ADAS systems
  • A Demonstration of a Service Oriented Virtual Environment for Complex System Analysis
  • Requirements Rationalization and Synthesis Enabled by Model Synchronization
  • Concepts of Architecture, Structure and System
  • Calibration system and method
  • A Formal Transformation Method for Automated Fault Tree Generation from a UML Activity Model
  • Equilibration of quantum hard rods in one dimension
  • Formal methods for a system of systems analysis framework applied to traffic management
  • Architecture Definition in Complex System Design Using Model Theory
  • Essential Architecture and Principles of Systems Engineering
  • Architecture definition in complex system design using model theory
  • Concepts of architecture, structure and system
  • A product line systems engineering process for variability identification and reduction
  • A formal transformation method for automated fault tree generation from a UML activity model
  • Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Online Learning: What do Students and Tutors Say?
  • MSRP-FT: Reliable Resource Sharing on Multiprocessor Mixed-Criticality Systems
  • Structure Preserving Transformations for Practical Model-based Systems Engineering
  • The Exploration of the Future Teaching Mode in Post-pandemic Higher Education
  • Two-dimensional rydberg gases and the quantum hard-squares model
  • Inhomogeneities and impurities in a dense one-dimensional Rydberg lattice gas
  • A Product Line Systems Engineering Process for Variability Identification and Reduction
  • BSafeML: A Model-based Hazard Management Technique for Safety-Critical Systems Development
  • Formal Methods for a System of Systems Analysis Framework Applied to Traffic Management
  • Precise Response Time Analysis for Multiple DAG Tasks with Intra-task Priority Assignment

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