Tzameret H. Rubin

Senior Research and Enterprise Associate
Loughborough UK
Dr. Rubin has a PhD in Economics from Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia) and a Masters in Economics from the Technion University. Her area of expertise is the economic impact of innovation, in particular, knowledge flow, business incubator and public–private collaboration. She has participated in several Australian innovation policy round tables, and consulted for the Department of Industry in NSW as part of her job as the innovation impact manager in the research excellence centre - National ICT Australia (NICTA). Dr. Rubin has conducted R&D impact studies for the NSW (Australia) government's Chief Scientist and she was also an innovation government policy researcher in the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Technion University. Prior to her academic career, Tzameret was an R&D Technical Engineer and later became pre-sale manager in several private-sector technology companies. She is currently at Loughborough University, UK