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Yolandi Burger

Research Fellow (Built environment and design)

I am an analytical thinker who has been operating in creative spaces for over a decade. My passion is deeply rooted at the intersection of Graphic Heritage, where the realms of graphic design, urban design, toponymy, tourism, culture, and heritage seamlessly converge. This intrinsic approach of mine finds resonance through collaborations with esteemed partners such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa. I am thoroughly engrossed in an exploratory initiative alongside creative industry peers and an international research team delving into the intricate fabric of public spaces that bear the name of the late Madiba, forging a bridge between creative artistry and cultural legacy. I also specialise in developing design curricula encompassing various domains, including graphic design, design thinking, co-design, experience design, and design methodology.


  • Undergraduate design students’ experience of risk-taking in an open-ended design project
  • Towards appropriate sensory products for learners with learning problems: A case study-based review
  • Curriculum design as an enabler of student involvement and success in higher education
  • Learner and Subject at the Dawn of Digital Research-Led Teaching and Learning in the Time of Covid-19
  • Memorialising Madiba in South Africa
  • The absence of graphic representations of Madiba in Nelson Mandela Park, Mamelodi, South Africa
  • Placemaking through Mandela's Graphic Heritage: The UX Sprint of the Umsuka platform
  • Notes on public places in Madiba's memory: Using archival resources for graphic heritage interventions in urban development

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Robert G. Harland

Reader in Urban Graphic Heritage - Loughborough

Robert G. Harland

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