3D-Printed Fluidics Toolkit

Published on by Adam Price
Within educational environments academics have applied 3D printing to the manufacture of teaching aids for the principles of flow chemistry. Our work has involved the development of a 3D printable toolkit of common fittings and connectors that may be used to give students hands on practical experience with re-configurable continuous flow set-ups. The parts may also be used to construct prototype flow configurations in postgraduate research projects. Enclosed within this project, are the .stl files required for the toolkit parts. For the 'core-shell' components described in the associated paper, both core and shell .stl files require download and assembly within the Ultimaker CURA slicing software ver:4.5.0. Instructions on how to do this are available in each part description. See "An open source toolkit for 3D printed fluidics" (https://hdl.handle.net/2134/13148024) for more information.

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