IMCI Graduate Papers

Published on by Jessica Noske-Turner
Each year MA students in the Institute for Media and Creative Industries (IMCI) undertake original research for their dissertations, covering a wide range of topics and geographies. The IMCI Graduate Papers (2017-2018 and 2018-19) publishes some the outstanding research undertaken by student researchers in the Institute. Contents: 1. “Re-Imagining Sports Reporting: Creating Social Change in the Area of Transgender Discrimination”, by Tina Tishev. 2. “Brand experience and brand export in the Trinidad Carnival: The case of Soca Brainwash”, by Kearn Williams. 3. “The narrative and tropes of the Italian anti-vaccination movement in their online communication in 2017”, by Marco Concer. 4. “Ethical considerations of machine learning based tools in media research: A case study on BBC Media Action’s Klahan-9 project in Cambodia and El Kul in Libya”, by Sofía González-Barboza. 5. “Experiences of contemporary Chinese queer individuals: images of physical and online lives”, by Siya Zhou.

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