A study of the insulation properties of building materials and their application in Middle Eastern climates

2018-07-02T09:59:59Z (GMT) by Sami A.K.A.R. Mirza
The influence of climate on the thermal performance of buildings and the traditional selection of suitable materials is assessed and analysed in the context of the Saudi Arabian climate. Techniques used to artificially generate conditions of thermal comfort for the occupants are defined along with suggestions for reducing the energy consumption in buildings. A review is given of methods used to calculate the thermal properties of building materials and comments made on the applicability of "steady state" and transient heat flow based calculations, when applied to materials likely to be used in Middle Eastern conditions. Theoretical models enabling the calculation of thermal conductivity for both homogeneous and composite materials are critically discussed. The measurement of the thermal conductivity of polymeric foam and building block composite laminates over a wide range of temperatures is described in the context of an adapted guarded hot plate apparatus, and theoretical models tested. A new, rapid, technique for determining the thermophysical characteristics of building materials is demonstrated.