Situating mathematics teacher education in a global context

2015-07-09T12:05:53Z (GMT) by Barbara Jaworski
This chapter stems from an invited presentation at ICME-11 in Topic Study Group 28 focusing on the in-service education, professional life, and development of mathematics teachers. I was to set the scene historically and offer my own perspective, from an international point of view, on where we currently are in this field. I welcomed the invitation as it gave me the chance to reflect on my own years of work in this field and share my reflections with others. What I present here is a personal account.1 I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible where major events are concerned but cannot guarantee that I have not missed something. I am also strongly aware that my account comes from an English-speaking environment and that language denies me access to events and publications in which the language is not English. However, the rest of this book includes chapters from diverse settings that reflect research activities in a wide range of nations.