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The Relationship between Vision Impairment and Goalball Performance _ dataset

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posted on 2023-12-31, 00:10 authored by Anna Martin, Donghyun Ryu, Robin JacksonRobin Jackson

Goalball is a sport played whilst wearing eyeshades (i.e., simulated blindness), but it remains unknown whether those with less vision impairment in daily life would have an advantage during competition over those with more impairment (e.g., through advantages in training and mobility). This study investigated this impairment performance relationship by assessing the association between four measures of visual function and performance in goalball-specific tasks. First, using the Goalball Performance Model (Martin et al., 2023a), and following consultation with goalball experts, a valid measure of individual goalball performance was developed. This Goalball Performance Test (GPT) assesses a player’s goalball ability using three tasks that assess attacking, defending and orientation skills. The GPT is conducted whilst players wear eyeshades and uses a standard audible goalball and tactile markings to replicate competition conditions. Fifty-five goalball players (expert, intermediate, and novice players) with a range of levels of vision and vision loss completed the GPT and four tests of visual function (visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, motion perception, and visual search). Findings showed that the GPT successfully discriminated between expert, intermediate and novice performers, indicating it to be a valid measure of individual goalball performance. Correlation and decision-tree analyses showed there was no relationship between vision and goalball performance under competitive playing conditions irrespective of the measure of visual function. Findings suggest that players with any level of vision can compete fairly in one class during goalball competition under the existing rules.


International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA)



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