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Birationally rigid Pfaffian Fano 3-folds

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posted on 2017-02-10, 13:56 authored by Hamid Abban, Takuzo Okada
We classify birationally rigid orbifold Fano 3-folds of index one delined by 5 x 5 Pfaf- ffans. We give a sharp criterion for birational rigidity of these families based on the type of singularities that the varieties admit. Various conjectures are born out of our study, highlighting a possible approach to the classification of terminal Fano 3-folds. The birationally rigid cases are the first known rigid examples of Fanos that are not (weighted) complete intersection.



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Algebraic Geometry


AHMADINEZHAD, H. and OKADA, T., 2017. Birationally rigid Pfaffian Fano 3-folds. Algebraic Geometry, 5 (2), pp.160–199.


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