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Crossing boundaries: the perceived impact of disabled fitness instructors in the gym

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posted on 2017-02-15, 10:53 authored by Emma V. Richardson, Brett M. Smith, Anthony PapathomasAnthony Papathomas
Objectives For disabled individuals, the gym is perceived to be an inaccessible space to exercise due to the deeply embedded ableism within this environment. This study uniquely explored how disabled gym instructors perceived they impacted the gym environment and the possibilities of making the gym a more inclusive space for disabled people to exercise. Design We used an inductive, qualitative design whereby ten disabled gym instructors were purposefully sampled. Methods Data were rigorously collected through semi-structured interviews totalling 35 h, transcribed verbatim, and subject to thematic analysis. Results Participants perceived they made three key impacts in the gym. First, they believed they promoted the gym as a more inclusive environment through helping construct a more accessible physical space, embodying an alternate way of being and providing a relatable narrative. Second, instructors believed their own unique understanding of disability improved their capacity to relate to disabled gym clients by instilling a sense of camaraderie and acting as an aspirational future self. Third, participants felt they enhanced applied practice for training disabled clients through creativity in training and supporting non-disabled instructors. Conclusion This article makes a significant contribution to knowledge by highlighting that disabled gym instructors can play a vital role in promoting a more inclusive space to exercise. It also highlights that to increase gym use amongst disabled populations, efforts should consider the potential beneficial impacts of disabled gym instructors in relation to promoting health and well-being.



  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

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Psychology of Sport and Exercise




84 - 92


RICHARDSON, E.V., SMITH, B.M. and PAPATHOMAS, A., 2016. Crossing boundaries: the perceived impact of disabled fitness instructors in the gym. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 29, pp. 84-92.


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